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The Mom Community provides transitional housing for pregnant moms for up to two years in a shared home located in Atlanta, GA.  While residing in the home, participants will be required to participate in our mentoring program, educational classes, and assume responsibilities in the basic up-keep of the house. Some of the additional areas moms will have the opportunity to grow in are basic life skills like home management, cooking, and basic home-repair skills.


We provide all our moms with trauma-informed care to support healing, healthy community, and opportunities for personal growth.  Our moms are supported by well-trained staff members who  support moms in meeting their individual goals.  We provide referrals for counseling and case management. We also provide transportation to church services and Bible studies upon request.


We provide our moms access to supportive birth services, parenting classes, and hands-on coaching through daily parenting.  Our parenting support helps provide a solid foundation for a life of mothering. In addition, we provide moms with activities to encourage bonding with their children and support with co-parenting.


While living in shared spaces our moms are learning to recognize the characteristics of healthy relationships, practicing conflict resolution, and growing friendships. Our church community, community partners, volunteers, and mentor families will also help create networks that provide connections for friendship, exposure to diverse family styles, and career opportunities.


A large part of stability for families is financial. All our moms are required to either be in school or working, except for the first 6 weeks after birth.  We support moms in achieving financial stability to support them in acquiring their GED or high school diploma, enrollment in job-readiness programs, applying for jobs, and working toward promotions. We help moms with consistency by providing transportation and childcare when needed.  We also provide financial management classes and help each mom build a savings account.

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