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A Heart for Our Home: Behind the Scenes with our House Manager

We’re dedicating our newsletter this month to a very important role within the Mom Community: the House Manager.

This staff person is the most boots-on-the-ground team member we have, walking alongside moms daily and offering continuous care and support within our housing program.

To kick things off, we’ve interviewed our former house manager, Julia Gillette, about her experience filling this role for one year. Julia shares how God worked in her life through her work at The Mom Community and some tangible lessons she’s walking away with.

We can’t wait for you to read some of her story. 

During a difficult season of my life, I felt the call to begin volunteering and doing meaningful work.  Christy was an acquaintance of mine, and I thought about contacting her and offering to volunteer. Out of the blue (but I know it was God) Christy reached out to me to see if I would be interested in volunteering for about 2 weeks for postpartum support for a mom nearly due with twins. The dates worked just perfectly, so I accepted and volunteered.

While I was volunteering, I was offered the house manager position that would be opening in a few months.

God was so present in the work He brought me to. After my husband’s passing, I was broken and didn’t know what I had to offer to the world. Being able to do simple things, like sweeping a floor, somehow reminded me that I wasn’t too broken to be used for the good of the world and something bigger than the darkness I felt. 


My time at TMC has been healing, and it has taught me so much about relationships.

Here are a few of the things I learned –

1. I learned to communicate with more clarity and confidence. (The moms taught me so much about this. They showed me grace for my bumbling efforts and some would even encourage me to voice more clearly exactly what I expected from them.)

2. I learned to be much more clear in communicating my own needs to those around me.

3. I learned so much about conflict resolution in relationships. Carrying the responsibility of being the direct care staff, which often meant navigating hard conversations, taught me so much in this area. I learned the value of having hard conversations, and that it is healthy and good to express how a specific situation left us feeling. I also learned that these hard conversations can allow us all to walk away feeling heard, while also being better equipped to navigate similar situations in the future.

5. I learned that small wins are big wins. (So many of our moms have so many odds stacked against them, and so many of them are coming to us after years of hardship, abuse, etc. What may seem small is actually huge when understood in the context of the bigger picture.)

Many of the moms that TMC serves are coming to us in what is, possibly, the most vulnerable season in their lives. They are often facing this season with limited support from the people around them. There are so many obstacles to navigate not only for themselves but also for their child/children.

The Mom Community offers consistent support, in a way that many of our moms do not often experience elsewhere. This consistent support is so important and can give the moms the encouragement they need to keep doing the next hard thing.

In all that I gave and gained in my time at The Mom Community, I would say one of my favorite things I’m walking away with is the community I found there. I feel so honored to be invited into the lives of these moms and their families.


The Mom Community is actively hiring for the role of house manager. If you or anyone you know interested in the role, please submit your application here.


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