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about us


We are a residential program for young moms and are focused on community and wholeness.

  • Located in Atlanta, GA
  • Serves pregnant and parenting women ages 18-24
  • Accommodates two moms & their babies
  • Secures housing for up to two years
  • Provides holistic care through comprehensive programs
  • Offered to residents at an affordable cost
  • Provides the security of a Christ-centered, loving environment


Of the babies born in the 30314 zip code in the past 12 months, 82% were born to single moms.  More than half of these families are living in poverty.

Many young moms drop out of school when they become pregnant, which impacts their ability to get a job and provide for their family. Housing instability is a chronic problem, and, along with economic stress, unreliable childcare, and lack of supportive family systems, makes providing for children extremely challenging for young moms.

Children raised in single-parent families are more likely to have children at a young age, continuing a generational cycle. Without support, moms sometimes lose custody of their children.


Through providing a Christ-centered home, a peaceful environment, supportive services, and staff who care personally about each mom, women are given an opportunity to grow into healthy, stable living. While living life together, our staff has the opportunity to share how the gospel brings hope to every part of our lives.

We are working to support the health of women and children, reduce child neglect and abandonment, advocate for better birth outcomes, provide education and job opportunities that aid self-sufficiency, and surround women with community and friendship.

  • November, 2014 Christy volunteered at a home for teen moms.

  • November, 2016 After the program for teen moms closed, Christy continued supporting moms individually.

  • November, 2017 The Mom Community’s monthly moms’ support group began.

  • May, 2018 The dream for starting a maternity home turned into prayers and plans

  • In January, 2020 The founding members met to look at the vision and started bringing it to life

  • May, 2020 We are continuing to building the program in preparation for the young women who will come to live in the house.  We are ready to buy a house as soon as funds are available.  We will soon be recruiting additional board members and hiring staff.

  • October, 2020 We bought a house!
  • July, 2021 Our first mom + daughter moved into our home.

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